The company is a professional production and operation of various steel business, has now set steel processing, trade, distribution, warehousing logistics services in one, the company was founded in 2007, with a good reputation, customer trust and support has been made development of. After years of hard work, we can now achieve the best quality, the lowest price, the best service and the shortest ordering period to repay our customers. We have achieved a win-win situation with our customers and won praise from customers. In the process of cooperation does not meet the quality standards, delivery is not timely, we can always be the first time to deal with, so that customers are satisfied, so the cooperation with the company is your best choice, and sincerely look forward to working with you for your cooperation .
        The company is located in the beautiful Huaxi Village, water and land transportation facilities, customers are welcome to inquire or field trips for a better future.
        solemn commitment
        First, the new customer first cooperation prepaid 20% deposit, the balance can be delivered to the local payment, co-operation of more than one year old customers, have a good reputation, may be appropriate to extend payment time;
        Second, the return policy: Genuine quality problems after ordering, after verification of unused materials can be returned, and return shipping provider commitment;
Third, due to the quality of genuine materials caused by the loss caused by the supplier;
        Fourth, the delay in delivery, causing customers not to deliver or stop production in time, the two sides negotiated until the customer satisfied;
        Five, the company's site pictures are the company's production workshop in the field shooting, other companies may not steal, once investigated and prosecuted for legal responsibility.